PTE Preparation

What is PTE Academic?

PTE Academic is the world’ leading computer-based test of English for study abroad and immigration, and it is a widely recognised test of English by organisations and universities around the world.  PTE exam is quite flexible in terms of test dates and results are generally delivered in five business days.

More information, please visit PTE Official Website

AOIC-PTE Class benefits:

  • AOIC is one of the very few colleges recognised by Pearson as a PTE Academic Preparation Centre
  • Highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic teaching staff
  • unlimited writing marking and detailed feedback
  • Skill development and test strategies
  • Free materials and no enrolment fee
  • computer-based mock testing
  • Free general English class
  • Small class numbers
  • unlimited-relearning

More information: please contact with AOIC for further information

The differences between PTE and IELTS

Test format PTE PTE Academic Test format IELTS IELTS
Part 1: speaking and writing (77-93 minutes) Personal informationRead aloudRepeat sentenceDescribe imageRe-tell lecture

Answer short question

One sentence




Part1: Listening (30 -40minutes) Multiple choiceMatching, plan/map/diagram labelling, form completion, note completion, table completion, flow-chart completion, summary completion, sentence completion, and short answers
Part 2:Reading (32-41 minutes) Multiple choice QuestionsRe-order paragraphsFill in the blanksNo long passages to comprehend Part 2:Reading(1 hours) longer texts;multiple choice, identifying information(T/F/Not given), matching completion, summary completion, note completion, table completion, flow-chart completion..
Ten minutes break Optional No break
Part 3: Listening(45-57 minutes) Summarize spoken textMultiple choiceFill the blanksHighlight the correct summarySelect missing wordHighlight incorrect words

Write from dictation

Part 4: Writing(1 hours) Two tasks, first task is diagram or map with 20 minutes, second one focuses on argumentation with 40 minutes.


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